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Dr Zavisa

Dentist specialist
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When you have problems due to the sudden and unexpected complications with your teeth or have plans to permanently solve the poor condition of your teeth, or you are just looking for emergency help and without waiting for the schedule, we can provide you with everything you need. Our expert team of certified doctors, nurses and technicians is equipped to solve all dental emergency medical conditions and problems, routine and special cases, and to provide all dental services.

You can be sure - we will give you the ultimate most professional and the best possible service.



Dental caries is one of the most common diseases. It is characterized by destruction of dental tissues. With the progression of caries through enamel and dentin over to the pulp of the tooth comes the infection of the pulp and tissue at the top of the root - periapical process, which can lead to complete loss of teeth.Depending on the degree of progression of caries, the caries treatment is carried out at multiple levels, from simple repair of shallow cavities using teeth fillings, all the way to dental treatment through the tooth channel using minimal invasive therapy that involves removing only damaged parts of the tooth in order to preserve tooth structure. Modern nano technology made materials allow for proper reconstruction of dental tissues with functional and aesthetic characteristics of the tooth which is of the great benefit to the patient and the dental profession in contrast to past times when we have had used materials like amalgan which is proven to have harmful effects. since then it is replaced with modern materials such as: composites, composite inlays and onlays, glass ionomers and compomers.


Chronic and insidious disease that affects the supporting apparatus of the tooth, ie undermines the relationship of the teeth and the surrounding tissues - bones and gums. Periodontitis is one of the most common disease and it is believed that as many as 90% of people over 40 years suffer from some form of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is  characterized by: inflamed gums, periodontal pockets, bare necks of teeth, tartar, bloody and purulent secretion from periodontal pockets, dangling teeth and its migration.Treatment of periodontal disease is very complex, and it involves the elimination of the factors that led to the occurrence of the disease. In addition to prophylactic measures, in order to combat the leading causes of tooth loss - periodontitis, we have the following:


Causal therapy, which involves the conservative removal of causes of the periodontitis (removal of soft and hard deposits, correcting inadequate fillings and prosthetics, curettage of periodontal pockets)Surgical therapy, which can be accessed in case of the presence of large bone defects. Replacement of bone that has been lost extends the life of the teeth in the jaw.


Implantology is the youngest surgical discipline which is great expansion because of its advantages and featuresn. Multidisciplinary approach of implantology requires high expertise and knowledge of oral surgery, prosthodontics and periodontology in order to successfully rehabilitate damaged and lost teeth with their functional and aesthetic parameters that will allow biofunctionality of orofacial complex.The surgery is performed in specially equipped surgery room where the installation of implants are performed meeting the all the required and necessary means and conditions required by the modern and highly sophisticated dentistry. We use hi-end top of the line implant systems NobelBiocare, Strauman, ISOMED which are confirmed as successfull by the long-term application and evaluation in scientific and medical environments.The office is also doing all oral surgery, starting with the intervention of the soft tissue - gingiva and mucosa, to interventions on bone tissue.



-Correction of mucogingival anomaly

-Surgical release of a non-erupted teeth

-Extraction of teeth , just when it's a must (redundant and over damaged teeth)

-Extraction of impacted teeth

-Resection of root (apicotomies)

-Retrograde filling



Thanks to the modern scientific achievements today we are able to take a better care of edentulism approached in a different way.

With the use of Implants it is possible to achieve much more comfortable prosthetic solution.

With the previous X-ray and CT scan analysis, a specialist in oral surgery and prosthetics can plan and decide the position ofimplant placement. Surgical implants are done in one or two phases, depending on the type of implant. Prosthesis implementation is achieved after a certain period of time which is required for osseointegration (bone healing).

It is very important that after the treatment has completed the patient maintains an adequate oral hygiene! Deposits on implants can lead to gum inflammation and consequently the loss of bone. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of brushing your teeth twice aday, as well as the professional removal of hard and soft deposits four times during the year.

The process of planning of implant placement and prosthetic suprastructures is personally managed by MSc Dr Zavisa who graduated with a master's studies thesis "Study of physical and mechanical changes in the process of implant placement."


In our practice using many modern methods and techniques we try to achieve proper reconstruction of the relationship of the teeth and jaws, in order to contribute more to the beauty of your smile.To gain a better insight into the physical state of the teeth, for each patient we make a study model. Depending on the condition of the patient's mouth and teeth, prosthetic therapy may involve making fixed, mobile and the combined operation of work.Fixed prosthodonticsFor every patient who has been indicated with fixed prosthodondtics we make a wax model - "Wax Up", on the basis of the patient's dental impression. "Wax up" enables you to define the appearance of the desired shape of your teeth by yourself.All contemporary techniques are now available at your disposal. During the therapy, while we are in process of making the fixed prosthodontics, patients can perform their standard daily activities thanks to the temporary crowns. Temporary crowns are made of high - esthetic composite materials, composites with ceramic particles, and are to be used during the conditioning period or over the time required for osseointegration.





Let your smile shine!


- Tooth whitening

a simple way to embellish your smile.


- Aesthetic husk ceramic dressings simplified method of changing the shape and color of your teeth with minimal invasive intervention with maximum preservation of tooth structure.


- Aesthetic crowns

CAD-CAM, ZIRKON crowns and bridges on natural teeth and implants, ceramic inlay and onlay (when replacing amalgam fillings).

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