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Dr Zavisa

Dentist specialist
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In our practice we're using many modern methods and techniques with which we try to achieve proper reconstruction of the relationship of the teeth and jaws in order to contribute more to the beauty of your smile.
To gain a better insight into the physical state of the teeth, for each patient we make a study model. Depending on the condition of the patient's mouth and teeth, prosthetic therapy may involve making fixed, mobile and the combined operation of work.

Fixed prosthodontics

For every patient who has been indicated with fixed prosthodondtics we make a wax model - "Wax Up", on the basis of the patient's dental impression. "Wax up" enables you to define the appearance of the desired shape of your teeth by yourself.

All contemporary techniques are now available at your disposal. During the therapy, while we are in process of making the fixed prosthodontics, patients can perform their standard daily activities thanks to the temporary crowns. Temporary crowns are made of high - esthetic composite materials, composites with ceramic particles, and are to be used during the conditioning period or over the time required for osseointegration.

If there has been a greater destruction of the tooth crown which was scheduled for a prosthesis operation, we make the upgrade of the tooth which can be made of gold (all teeth upgrades are exclusively of gold alloys type Midor - jewelers Celje), ceramic or composite.






The best aesthetic effect is achieved by creating ceramic (metal free) restorations. We went a step further by following the world trends of cosmetic dentistry and we have now abandoned old metal basis with CAD-CAM (computer-designed and manufactured) cores and cores of zirconium-porcelain and alumina-porcelain (Procera ®). Thanks to the cooperation with the Procera laboratory in Sweden, we
can now align shapes and position of the tooth with minimally-invasive treatment by making ceramic and composite veneers ("Veneer").

Metal - ceramic crowns and bridges are the most widely used method today. We offer you long-term solutions of high aesthetic features. In the change of the gingiva in relation to hard dental tissues, we recommend you metal - ceramic crowns with high separation and palatal set collar.
In the event that, during the period of growing up, there is a loss of a tooth, as a conditional permanent solution we create adhesive bridge. By applying adhesive techniques we are avoiding the grinding of neighboring teeth when setting this feature. Definite care is recommended at the end of growth cycle.
Removable restorations

We are making a partial skeletal dentures - a maximaly reduced prosthesis. Making a partial plated and total prosthesis with three- dimensional Ivoclar teeth of Swiss manufacture which are made of acrylic materials without possibility of the occurrence of allergies.

Combined fixed-removable restorations

Need for reimbursement of lost teeth does not only means the re-establishment of chewing function and speech, but also for restoring
the aesthetics. Therefore, in our office, we are running all kinds of prosthetics works that solve health problems of our patients with special emphasis on aesthetics. Prosthetics are designed to look as natural as possible, fully respecting their functionality.

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