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Dr Zavisa

Dentist specialist
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Conservative, all kinds of tooth extraction, surgery on the teeth and gums, teeth bleaching teeth repair, installation of titanium implants, aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics with the aim of reconstruction of lost teeth. All personally led by Dr. Zaviša Smiljanic, a prosthetics specialist.


Dr. Zavisha Smiljanic mr.sci. founded the Private Specialist dental clinic "STAD dental" in 1991. Since then it is the leader in quality of service provided and the pioneer in use of new technologies and knowledge in order to achieve highest dental care services.

This is one of the few dental practices in eastern Serbia in which the latest methodologies and knowledge are used for the implementation of new materials (implants), in addition of testing and prevention of any possible complications of this medical procedures, so as rigorous protocol controls, where we meet the  needs of patients for phonics, aesthetics and mastication.

Contemporary demands for rehabilitation of the oral cavity, in addition to restoring the functions of already damaged teeth and surrounding tissues, also include restoring degraded aesthetics which is achieved here with highest quality and safety.

Specialist Dental Practice Dental STAD dental works with the latest generation of technology and is 100% certified by Western European standards. All equipment and materials used in the practice are imported from European countries. Although it meets the highest European standards the prices of dental services are much lower compared to the prices of the same services in western countries.







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